JULY 2008 – JUNE 2009

2007 – 2009

• Welcomed some overseas Filipino students and scholars with a luncheon on 2nd Aug 2008. There was discussion about their needs and concerns and how FSCC can help.

• Participated in the 10th FILCCA National Conference in Hobart with 16 delegates representing FSCC. Carmen was one of the speakers, Aida and Joe were both facilitators in different sessions. The presentation of our delegates called Unsynchronised Swimming was a big hit and the most applauded number in the program.

• Hosted the Annual Christmas Family Picnic with Filipina SA in the first Sunday of December at Bonython park.

• Attended a series of MCCSA dialogues with speakers like Minister John Hill,
Atty General Atkinson, etc.

• Joined the annual Australia Day Parade.

• Represented FSCC at a garden party in the government house hosted by His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce to celebrate the contribution of culturally diverse communities to SA.

• Participated in the Silken Waves Project along with other ethnic communities. Painted Phil sceneries and other Filipiniana items on silk . This will be displayed along the streets of Port Adelaide in the Oct. Festival.

• Supported and participated in the Sports Fest hosted by the Guardians by fielding bowling, tennis and golf teams and volunteering services.

• Sent delegates (Vicky, Ester, Cynthia O)to the Aged Care Mentoring Workshop in Melbourne. They are now in the process of planning how this project can be applied to benefit the elderly people in the Filipino community.

• Received a grant of $1500 from Multicultural SA for Independence Day celebration as applied for by Lil.

• Received a $17,000 grant from Community Benefit SA for the “OZ Living Project for Newly Arrived Migrants” as applied for by Aida, Vicky, Lil and myself. Lil acted as the Coordinator and Support Worker from Feb onwards. Applications for the position were sought but no one applied so Lil was appointed as Coordinator to implement this project..

• Petitioned Radyo Pilipino for the re-wording of the plaque displayed in the migration museum. Copies of the letter were also sent to EBI, Migration Museum, Ambassador de leon, Labor Attache Victor Ablan and Vice Consul Alex Go. A reply was received from Dante Juanta stating that the plaque will remain as is. No other replies were received from the others. Aida is now following it up in cooperation with Gigi Grande of ABS CBN who is interested in pursuing this issue. She has written to Alex Go asking for the position of the embassy re this plaque and she also intends to conduct interviews and air them as part of the news in this issue.

• Fund – raised for an office space by selling the Australian Central credit Union lottery tickets. Received 800 booklets and returned 280 at the end of April. Not all allocated tickets were sold and a report on the final sales will be done next meeting as soon as Saida and Lil have reconciled the lists and the money received.

• Celebrated Independence day on June 13th at the Fogolar Furlan with good attendance. It was another successful event and good feedbacks were received
from guests and the politicians were really glad they were invited and were able to get a glimpse of our culture.

• Raised funds for the preservation of the Phil crocodile “Bukarot”. $500 will be handed to the representative of Australia zoo who will then forward it to the Phil.

• Had a meeting with the nine 457 workers who were mistreated by their employer. In attendance were 3 guys from Melbourne who came to support these guys, a rep from the union, a rep from the immigration dept and other
other Filipinos who are new migrants. Donations from the Filipino community were given to these guys – both food and money. Recent news is they are now all employed.

• Is now working with Peace Multicultural Services and Relationship SA to improve the well being of Filipinos through workshops dealing with Youth involvement, harmony and health.


These are just some of FSCC’s achievements this year. I thank all those who have supported FSCC – the office bearers, the representatives and all the member organizations. This is my end of term and I hope you will continue to support FSCC so we can achieve our goals.